Momo Sakaki
Kanji 榊 桃
Rōmaji Sakaki Momo
Aliases Kiryuu Momo
Gender Male
Height 175cm
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Composer, Guitarist
Class 1st year- S
Club Silent Black Kitty
Relatives unnamed mother

unnamed father

Manga Chapter 1

Momo Sakaki is a professional composer who attends the same highschool as Nino Arisugawa.

Personality Edit

Character Outline Edit

Momo was the neighbor of Nino Arisugawa, whom he had a very close relationship. Until one day, he is forced to leave the city with his family due to economic problems, thus separating from his friend from childhood, whom he believed would not see again.

Quotes Edit

"If one day we won't be able to meet anymore, it would be nice if your song would be our sign when we meet" - Momo's goodbye to Nino.

”If we ever get separated, sing aloud, and I’ll use that as my guidepost.”

Relationships Edit

Nino Arisugawa - childhood best friend, past neighbor, first love.

Trivia Edit

  • While the music he composes is quite good, his singing is the opposite.
  • He and Yuzu are good friends despite being rivals of love and profession.